[New Monster] Skeletal Arcanist

Skeletal Arcanist

Stork stood resolute before the skeletal wizard.

‘You do not fear Xerok the Cruel?’ the undead creature asked, a quartet of armed skeletons standing menacingly in the background.

‘Hardly, I have faced a liche before. Now about trading for some ancient scrolls…’ replied Stork.

‘Ah, yes, I think I can help you, there is a small library just down that corridor and to the right, behind the secret door,’ said the skeletal wizard as he pointed ahead.

‘Vistis!’ Stork said and strode away.

The masked illusionist handed the skeletal spellcaster a small pouch of coins as he passed him and nodded in appreciation for the information.

Skeletal Arcanist: AC 6 [+13], HD 3 (13hp), Att 1 × claw (1d4+1) or Magic: Two 1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level spells and one 5th level spell; Animate Dead as a Special Ability. THAC0 16 [+3], MV 60’ (20’), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (3), ML 10, AL Chaotic, XP 475, NA 1 (1d4), TT V ▶ Causes Fear upon sight of any creature that has knowledge of the Liche monster. Those who fail a Save vs Paralysis flee the area for one day and see Attacks for Special Ability.

The result of a spectacular spell-induced death, skeletal arcanists are very intelligent undead creatures that resemble skeletal wizards, this makes some believe that these lesser creatures are liches, which a skeletal arcanist will definitely use to their advantage, not that a liche a few levels down would not use to their advantage too. When and if it is realized that this thing is weaker than a liche the tables sometimes turn against them. Animate Dead is a popular spell for these creatures and they often have 1d6+2 animated skeletons in their company. Turned as a 4HD creature.

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