[New Monster/Encounter] Vobliv of the Balance

Vobliv of the Balance

The adventurers, weary of travel, were looking for a place to set up camp for the night when one of them spotted the thing up in the tree. A cry rang out and the four looked up to where the fifth was pointing. The thing in the tree looked down and made a strange tittering sound.

‘Fear me not, brave adventurers, for I am Vobliv of the the Balance! I mean you no harm. If you approach nicely I may even help you on your journey,’ the odd mixture of jackal and toad said to them.

The elf fired an arrow at it, thinking Vobliv an earthbound daemon. Pointing his staff at the demi-human Vobliv smirked and the elf clumsily fumbled to grab another arrow.

‘Anyone else?’ Vobliv inquired of the remaining four. No others raised a hand to the strange creature and it granted the others boosts here and there that shown almost immediately.

The next morning the thing was gone from the tree, but the elf was still clumsy and the others retained their gifts from the strange old creature.

Vobliv of the Balance: AC 2 [+17], HD 7 (31hp), Att 1 × claw (1d4+1) or staff (1d6 dmg or raise/lower Attribute by 1d3) THAC0 11 [+8], MV 30’ (10’), SV D8 W9 P10 B10 S12 (7), ML 10, AL Neutral, XP 2500, NA 1 (unique?), TT E, G, L, M ▶ Ornclak the Staff of Vobliv: can add or reduce 1d3 to any Attribute, temporarily or permanently, can grant any living creature one Spell-like ability up to the equivalent of a 3rd level spell, usable once per day up to at will.

Mant scholars believe that Vobliv is an ancient, dying god from a long forgotten pantheon. Looking like a cross between a bipedal toad and a jackal this being is part of the Cosmic Struggle and as such he is willing to grant anyone a boon, or a bane of they assault or anger him.There is no charge for a boon from Vobliv, he is no conniving demon or plotting angel, Vobliv simply gives those who encounter him and ask for it a boost. Rumors say that this boon is visible by powerful beings of Law, Chaos and Neutrality and that they may act accordingly. But this is just a rumor, right?

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