[New Magic Item] Stole of Scales of St Ebbis

Stole of Scales of St. Ebbis

‘What do you think this is worth?’ Vistis the Blue Mage asked Stork as the two regarded a piece of the treasure of the Twisted Tower; a remarkably good looking ermine stole.

A trio of lizard men, upon hearing the two adventurers, surprised them while hunting for the treasure themselves. Instinctively Vistis threw the stole, the only thing in his hands at the moment, at the lizardmen.

Screeching and clawing the three reptilian humanoids dropped their weapons as the stole seemed to writhe over them, squeezing and constricting them, almost as a giant furry snake. The creatures fled and the stole lay there with the rest of the treasure, motionless.

Stork picked up the ermine stole and a grin revealed his shark-like teeth.

‘What is this worth? Rather a lot, I’d say,’ replied the wily sorcerer.

This well preserved ermine stole belonged to the benevolent and kind St. Ebbis, devout follower of the Sun God and Lawful character that had a thing about getting rid of reptilian creatures. Dragons subdued and dropped off in the middle of nowhere or that get a chance to escape often enjoy a long, slow revenge upon those that subdued them.

Benefit: Just being within 30′ of reptilian creatures under 4HD will cause these scaled creatures to recoil and leave the area. Once per day the item’s bearer may attempt to throw the ermine stole around the neck of a larger reptilian or scaled creature (such as a dragon, wyvern, giant turtle, etc). On a roll of 19 or 20 the creature is subdued for three turns, after which time it will shake the stole free and leave the area. Lawful characters, especially followers of St Ebbis only need a 17+ to subdue these creatures.

Usable by: Anyone. Lawful/devotees of St. Ebbis receive a +2 to their roll.

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