[New Magic Item] Druid Staff of Sustenance

Druid’s Staff of Sustenance

Knat found the trio of rangers, stranded out in the Desolate Marshes near death. Without thinking the druidess used her staff to provide food and water for the two humans and the half-elf who were clearly near death.

As they recovered she asked what news that they had heard while wandering in these strange lands.

‘Chalk, Koram and Valance lost another thief a while back,’ one of them said.

The druidess shook her head sadly.

‘That is too bad but to be expected with those boys, they tend to lose a thief every so often,’ she said wistfully.

After an uneventfuly night the druidess used the staff to make more food and water appear for the rangers and sent them back towards civilization.

This ancient willow staff has a stylized, almost comical scene of iron at its top that portrays a parent bird bringing a trio of worms to a hungry baby bird in a nest with its beak hungrily open. These two are balanced cleverly so that the parent seems to be constantly bringing food to its young with a few shakes of the staff.

Benefit: This enchanted staff can be used twice per day to create a font in a solid surface that will provide up to 25 gallons of water and/or food for one day for twelve humans, two horses, a troll, a small community of gnomes, etc, often focusing on animals, wayaward peasants, a group of rangers, etc. Those fed or drinking water provided by this staff will not attack the druid or their companions for 1d3 days.

Usable by: Druids or Clerics of at least 3rd level.

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