[New Spell] No Harm Dagger

No Harm Dagger

The mercenary Bakra-do swung helplessly by one ankle, caught in a rope trap. The barking of goblins in the darkness caused the human to search desperately for any blade that had not dropped.

‘I’ll free you!’ hissed the odd priest Arthimex who had accompanied Bakra-do into these strange lands in search of an ancient artifact of Arthimex’s cult.

‘Behind you!’ hissed the mercenary. Too late, the goblins pounced.

Arthimex grinned as the goblins sat him upright. Drawing a dagger he held it out towards the mercenary while whispering a prayer to his strange goddess.

To the surprise of both Bakra-do and the goblin scouts the rope was cut and the mercenary fell to the ground in a heap, only to recover moments later, a short sword in each hand.

‘That is one way to turn the tables,’ said a slightly shaken Bakra-do.

No Harm Dagger (Cleric)

Level 1

Range: Touch, area of effect is a 30′ radius.

Duration: One turn per level of cleric.

This divine magic enchants a small knife or dagger so that this tool may be used to cut non-living items, such as ropes, straps, bindings, etc from a distance of up to 30′. The wielder of the blade may cut a rope suspending a living person and cause them harm, yet may not use the bladed weapon to actually cut, slash or stab a living thing, if one does so damage is rolled, the intended victim takes half of this damage while the wielder of the enchanted blade takes double the resulting damage, round down for the intended one and up for the knife’s bearer! Each distanced strike requires a Dexterity Attribute roll to hit.

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