[New Magic Item] Duplicator Backpack

Duplicator Backpack

‘The master thief Rollit-jol looked in the backpack that he let the apprentice carry as said apprentice enthusiastically nibbled on an apple.

‘Where is the collection of coins from the ancient empire of Druss?’ Rollit-jol asked frantically as he pawed through the backpack.

‘I don’t know,’ the apprentice replied sheepishly.

We carried those coins for three months through desert, badlands and treacherous forests to get a huge pile of gold for, where are those coins? Did you use the backpack?’ the master thief asked.

‘I was hungry and I saw that the adventurer had a backpack full of food!’ whined the apprentice.

Rollit-jol shook his head, he was beyond angry. The thief was devastated.

‘Well I am getting those coins. Now we need a wizard that can take us to Limbo. If you thought that the previous journey was difficult you have no idea what we are in for now,’ the thief said coldly.

A great way to have some extra food or coin on hand and stashed away. Or a handy way to relieve others of their extra bits and bobs.

Benefit: This enchanted backpack may be used once per week to completely duplicate all non-magical items in another backpack that it touches, if even briefly. Often used to store a cache of extra supplies by an adventuring party, crafty thieves have also found these useful for easy gain if they know that a particular backpack has treasure. Even more clever adventurers often leave traps or incriminating evidence in a ‘dummy backpack’ when they know that one of these is in the area and they are carrying precious treasure. If activated before emptied from a previous use any leftover items are scattered about the plane of Limbo.

Usable by: Anyone.

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