[New Spell] Earthquake for One

Earthquake for One

The snarling hill giant was bearing down on the three adventurers. When it had gotten close enough Fellhorn the druid twirled around and cast a spell. The giant immediately stopped dead in its tracks and began howling in rage, each step it took looked like that of a child first learning to walk.

The elf ranger stopped and watched the flailing and roaring hill giant.

‘Is he going to fall down? That would be monumental,’ said the elf.

The gnome stopped too.

‘I’ll bet you three gold he doesn’t fall over,’ the small illusionist said.

‘Would you two keep going? That spell doesn’t last forever!’ Fellhorn urged the other two.

With a duo of sighs the two demi-humans turned and keep moving. A thunderous crash and a loud groan could be heard behind them.

‘Drat! We should have bet on that!’ squeaked the gnome.

Earthquake for One (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

A druid spell that affects any corporeal creature with up to 13HD (Storm giants and very old dragons are immune) causing that single creature to feel as if there is an earthquake under their feet, which immediately drops movement down to 1/3 of what it was (round down). Creatures with more than two legs will be unstable and -2 on all rolls with the inability to concentrate or feel steady. Bipedal creatures under the effects of this spell are -3 on all rolls and each round while under its effect must make a Dexterity Attribute roll with a -2 modifier or fall prone to the ground. Flying creatures can simply take to the air for the duration of the spell after the first round, burrowing or tunneling creatures will experience double the penalties to take an action if they choose to dig under ground. As this is magic that affects an individual there is no damage to the surroundings of the one affected by this spell.

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