[New Magic Item] That Goblin Ring!

That Goblin Ring!

Javorel slipped on the ring again as the party of adventurers were about to head out into the darkness of the Forbidden Forest.

‘Again, friend?’ one of the goblins asked. It was Knub the Cautious.

‘Yes, yes, why do you ask?’ Javorel said.

‘Well, it’s just that there are about fifteen of us now and only three of you tall people left. It seems that we are growing into a small army and, well, it is getting a little cramped around the campfire, even with four scouts, one facing each direction,’ replied Knub.

‘The ring stays on. Knub, you are my favorite, you know, you have outlived all the others from our first meeting when I found the ring in my uncle’s things.’ Javorel the illusionist said looking fondly at the goblin.

‘Thank you, friend,’ Knub said, still swaying a bit from the effect of the ring upon him.

While a probably a well intentioned magic item, this emerald studded golden ring can cause a lot of confusion, or the wearer can make a few unintenional friends.

Benefit: When worn this ring radiates a magic that has a calming effect on all goblinoid races (which may or may not include orcs and/or ogres in your world) within a 30′ radius. Goblinoid creatures with less than 4HD will hesitate to attack the wearer of the ring 75% of the time and will even ally 25% of the time, those over 4HD are unaffected. A roll of 01-03% means that any goblinoids in the radius during the roll will try to befriend the ring’s wearer, swearing fealty to them. These effects are permanent and no re-rolls are necessarry to keep up the magic. While sometimes awkward in a party of adventurers, it can also help an dungeon delve or expedition into rough wilderness areas. A Dispel Magic (cast upon the ring will free all goblins in reverse order), Limited Wish, Wish or similar magic can break the hold of this magic.

Optional:Any small, intelligent species, such as kobolds or gnomes, etc can be used for this ring in place of goblins, using creatures stronger is probably not a great idea.

Usable by: Anyone.

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