[New Magic Item] Wolfshead Mace

Wolfshead Mace

Bakra-do looked into the distance and saw the strange green fire bobbing along the trail ahead of him, coming in his direction. The mercenary quickly left the path to hide in the shrubbery.

Some time later a quartet of young adventurers came chattering down the trail, one held a crude looking mace that seemd as if it were on fire with green flames. The mercenary thought quickly.

‘Who dares tread the path of the ogre king! There is a price to pay in blood! That mace! It belongs to the ogre king! How dare you possess it!’ the mercenary growled from the trees in his deepest voice while thrashing brush around just outside of the light of the green torch.

Screeching and screaming the four fell into a panic. The mace was dropped in haste as they scattered back up the trail, certainly to tell tales of their bravery against the ogre king.

The green light of the mace sputtered and went out just as Bakra-do picked it up.

‘Now how to see how you will light up for me,’ the mercenary said to the mace as a low bestial growl could be heard from the underbrush.

‘I do not frighten so easily,’ Bakra-do said as he drew his short swords and prepared to fight.

A crude looking spiked mace with a wooden handle. It looks brutal, yet not particularly valuable. The head of a wolf is carved into the wooden handle at the end.

Benefit: The owner of this mace can deal 1d6+2 points of damage in combat and gains +2 to Charisma for 1d4 hours per day. In addition, the mace will ‘ignite’ at the spiked end in an eerie greenish fire that lights as a normal torch without burning up, yet will not catch anything on fire. Creatures under 3HD are wary of attacking the bearer of the green fire or their allies and are -1 to Hit in combat. Note that this eerie light may attract more powerful creatures looking for a challenge, undead hunters, etc.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a mace.

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