[New Magic Item] Druid’s Cloak

Druid’s Cloak

The druidess Knat appeared suddenly by the campfire, as she often did out in the woods.

‘Where did you come from?’ asked an astonished Valance.

‘The Circle granted me this nifty cloak, I have been buzzing in and out of Yordle for days now,’ she told the priest of the Spider God.

‘Yordle! We have been trying to get in their for days! It is locked up tight after the spriggans got in and tore things up,’ Chalk said.

Knat looked around the campsite, the only other adventurer besides Valance and Chalk was Koram.

‘Still no thief replacement? You boys do go through a lot of thieves. I know a secret way in to Yordle and my cloak helps me stay anonymous there, why, do you boys need something?’ Knat asked.

‘Supplies would be nice, we can pay,’ Chalk answered.

‘Let me accompany the group through the woods and it is a deal,’ offered the druidess.

The three adventurers looked around at each other and nodded.

‘Deal,’ they said in unison.

‘Get a list and some money together and I will go in and fetch things for you,’ she said cheerfully.

A long forest green hooded cloak that covers the wearer from head down to their ankles. Coveted by druids and some clerics, feared by others.

Benefit: When worn by a druid or Lawful or Neutral Cleric this enchanted cloak grants a +1 to AC and one can ignore the harsh extremes of weather, yet will be uncomfortable in a blizzard or sweltering heat, yet will not take detrimental effects of these conditions for one week. In addition, the wearer exudes a magical scent from the cloak that makes them seem nondescript in urban areas; anyone trying to recall this person that does not already know them will have a -3 on any rolls to recall any details of note.

Usable by: Usually just druids, some good clerics find this cloak useful too.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Druid’s Cloak

  1. Glenn Robinson says:

    Nice. I really like this one, Bat!


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