[New Magic Item] Norfer’s Stones of Fire

Norfer’s Stones of Fire

The gnome illusionist turned quickly, thinking that he had heard something in the underbrush. Moments later he cried out in pain as a clump of grass behind him caught on fire.

The gnome definitely heard giggling that time. Tinking quickly he sent the illusion of a strange multi-eyed monster into the brush, grumbling as it went forward.

Screams could be heard and the gnome saw three scrawny goblins go scampering off into the deep trees. Taking a few steps after them the illusionist spotted two small round red stones apparently dropped by the goblins.

An hour later the gnome had the magic figured out and tucked the magical stones away for later use.

Was Norfer a mischievous hobgoblin? A malignant gnome? Nobody knows for sure, but these magical stones named after them certainly can be of great use or cause great harm if used irresponsibly.

Benefit: This is very simple magic; the wielder of the two stones simply strikes them together and any (or all, if so desired) foliage within a 30′ radius will instantly catch on fire, whether the flora is dead or alive, this magical fire thriving on the fibres of the plant life rather than the dryness of these fibres. Can be used to start a fire or a conflagaration.

Usable by: Anyone.

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