[New Spell] Bouncing Earth

Bouncing Earth

‘One of us needs to get over this wall and open the gate,’ Chalk said.

‘We have tried, we are no good and climbing such a sheer surface,’ Koram replied.

Knat the druidess sighed heavily.

‘You boys really do need to replace your thief,’ she said and then began chanting a spell as she pointed to the ground.

The earth before them glowed for a moment then Knat invited one of the adventurers to stand on it. Reluctantly Chalk stepped forward and found that the ground gave below his feet and pushed back slightly. He jumped on the ground and bounced up a couple of feet.

‘This is how we are getting out of here?’ he asked.

‘Any better ideas?’ Knat replied.

A few wobbly bounces later and Chalk was on top of the wall.

‘How do I get down?’ he asked nervously from atop the wall. The sound of clanging armor approaching gave the wizard courage.

‘I’ll figure it out,’ he said as he disappeared over the side then unlocked the door a moment later.

Bouncing Earth (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Three rounds per level of caster.

This druid spell enchants a 10′ round patch of earth, allowing beings to bounce as if on a trampoline, human and halfling sized creatures can bounce up to 15′ high, ogre-sized creatures up to 10′ high, larger creatures cannot take advantage of this spell. As soon as the spell elapses or is dispelled the earth returns to normal.

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