[New Magic Item] Sword of Flinging Arrows

Sword of Flinging Arrows

Koram grunted in pain as the arrows struck him. The fighter was able to shrug off most of the damage, yet he seemed to be pinned to the ground by two of the arrows.

‘Chalk! Can you blast those goblins with something? Anything!’ he shouted at the sorcerer while pointing at a small group of giggling goblins, one of which held the sword that threw arrows at Koram.

The wizard nodded and stepped back from the bugbear as its eyes rolled up in its head and a wisp of smoke escaped the thing’s mouth as it fell to the ground.

Chalk summoned a wall of fire behind the chittering goblins which forced them to move forward slowly as the flaming wall moved crept forward.

Valance smiled his evil smile.

‘Allow me to help,’ said the priest of the Spider God as he set a dozen housecat-sized spiders to meet the goblins.

‘Who stole my sword?’ bellowed a voice as a nearby door splintered and revealed a heavily armored fighter wielding a shield that seemed as if it was about to scream.

‘Well, this just got interesting,’ Valance quipped as he diverted a few creeping arachnids towards the latest inconvenience.

Truly a sword with a nasty surprise, the question is to use the surprise in the beginning of conflict or right before fleeing?

Benefit: This thick, heavy longsword deals 1d8+1 points of damage in combat, 1d10+1 if used two-handed. In addition, once per day the sword’s wielder can bring down a volley of 4d12 arrows within 150′ in a 30′ radius. Each arrow deals 1d4+1 points of damage and will ‘pin’ a victim to the spot on a result of 5-6 on 1d6 for 1d4 rounds. To determine who in the area of effect is hit roll a Dex Attribute check, those who fail roll 1d6 to for how many arrows have struck them.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a longsword.

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