[New Spell] Face in the Forest

Face in the Forest

Knat whispered a spell into the forest as she spied the hobgoblin chief leading his warband into the quiet pines.

A strange face appeared above the lead hobgoblin and jeered at him. He swatted with his morningstar and the face only disappeared to reappear a few feet away and spit an acorn at him which bounced from his helmet. One of the hobgoblins nocked an arrow only to have the leader wave him aside.

‘We will go around these trees, this forest is enchanted and the last thing we need is more trouble,’ grumbled the hobgoblin chief.

Even in retreat the laughing and screeching followed them and then it eventually died down and gave the humanoid warband peace.

Knat grinned as she watched them go, listening intently as the marauders left her forest in tranquility.

Face in the Forest (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 30′.

Duration: Lasts until target is three or miles away from caster.

This spell causes foliage and random twigs, nuts, fruit, etc to form the face of a mischievous brownie or goblin and monitor a target, often screeching loudly or spitting an acorn, small stone or peach stone at the focus of the spell. The target is -1 on all rolls due to this distraction and it is easy for anyone to follow their course through forests, deep brush and the like, especially with the screeching and cackling face following from tree (or bush) to tree. Effect lasts until the target is just over three miles away from the caster and then they are free of this minor torment.

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