[New Magic Item] Cursed-Pendant of Cold Blood

Cursed-Pendant of Cold Blood

Bakra-do cursed at himself for trying on the beautiful necklace. Now the sharp metal spines dug deep into his flesh and steered him towards the nearby caverns, to what doom? What foul necromancer or dreadful underground entity drew the mercenary in with this foul magic?

Days turned into weeks and the mercenary felt himself slowly dying. He found an underground pool of water and sat near it to reflect upon his life.

Suddenly ripples erupted on the surface of the cold water and a small, frog-like thing walked towards the mercenary. Suddenly the metal tines of the pendant eased a bit, retracting slightly. Bakra-do noticed that the thing looked quizzical, yet not aggressive. The tines eased more, Bakra-do breathed a sigh of relief.

The mercenary noticed several sets of eyes watching from the water as a half dozen pairs of frog-like eyes broke the still surface of the water. The metal tines retracted completely. The mercenary quickly took off the cursed necklace and offered it to the lead frog person who took it with a half smile and held it aloft.

Bakra-do never could forget the haunting sounds of the joyous croaking of those things deep in that cavern underground.

Beautiful pendant that radiates magic and has elaborate tines on the chain. A glowing green stone makes this a temptation to thieves.

Benefit: When worn by a warm-blooded being or creature the tines on the chain of the pendant dig into the flesh of the cursed one, draining them of 1d3 hit point per day unless the wearer starts moving towards the nearest intelligent cold-blooded creature; pain from the tines digging in on either side of the neck helps to ‘steer’ the cursed one in the right direction. Upon encountering cold-blooded intelligent creatures they will not attack the wearer of the necklace or their companions for three turns unless attacked themselves. If offered to any reptilian, serpentine or amphibious intelligent creature the tines will retract and the pendant may be safely removed. To any cold-blooded creature the necklace helps them to endure heat and cold conditions like an average human. A Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish spell or granted wishes will also remove this cured pendant.

Usable by: Anyone.

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