[New Magic Item] Potion of True Form

Potion of True Form

The thief Zixin had infiltrated the gathering easily enough, though he was still careful to mark all nearby exits in case a hasty retreat was called for.

Zixin accepted the offer of hot tea from the hunchback as others had and sipped with abandon.

Then the screams began. Zixin caught his reflection in a mirror and realized that his role in this caper was over momentarily, yet the changeling would be back with a vengeance, and of course a more elaborate plan.

For many days the others at the gathering would talk with a shudder of the creepy blue face and red sad eyes worn by the creature that had narrowly escaped through a window.

This potion has many uses; from keeping from changing forms to keeping others from knowing that you change forms. Very expensive and very difficult to find.

Benefit: When a portion of this potion is imbibed it causes the subject to have a much higher resistance to anything that would polymorph, shapechange or mutate them. The Saving Throw to avoid any type of change becomes 3+ on a d20 for three turns (thirty minutes), after which time the subject’s save returns to normal. This does include any natural shifting abilities that the subject has and can, for example, keep a wererat in human form instead of allowing the person to change, although creatures that can assume many forms must make a Saving Throw, (with a result of 11+ on 1d20) or revert back to their natural form for three turns. Note that this magic only keeps one from changing forms, it does not prevent magical means of determining if the subject can change shape.

Usable by: Anyone.

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