[New Magic Item] Wand of Weird Spells

Wand of Weird Spells

The slippery mag Javoral, having made his preparations the night before, hastily disposed of the magical wand after using it on his rival’s spellbook.

As the sun rose in the Courtyard of Serenity the two sorcerers met to duel. A coin was tossed by a minor apprentice and Javoral feigned disappointment at being second in the magical duel.

‘Let us end this right now,’ sneered Nozgran as he cast a spell at Javoral.

What was intended to be a conflagaration became a cloud of moths and butterflies that flew off to inspect nearby flowers. Nozgran was enraged, Javoral smiled a wicked smile.

‘My turn, I believe,’ Javoral said as he stroked the corners of his mustache.

Muddy hands erupted from the ground below Nozgran’s feet. Javoral’s rival conceded defeat and fled in shame, waiting for Javoral out in the wastelands.

It is often in the best interest of the wand’s owner not to let many spellcasters know that they own this strange magic item for it is a great way to find oneself in a bad situation if word gets out or it is used on the wrong spellcaster.

Benefit: To use this magic wand the bearer must be within 30′ of a target spellbook or even better, able to tap the spellbook with the wand. At distance the owner of this magic item must roll a Dexterity Attribute check for the magic to work, they can tap the spellbook no such roll is required. If successful the spells in the spellbook will produce harmless and even opposite effects of what the spell intends to do, for example a Fireball spell might instead discharge a harmless ball of feathers, a Fly spell could act as a Featherfall spell instead, a Lock spell will cause a door to fly open and stay ajar, etc. This magic lasts for 1d4 times that spells are memorized from the spellbook or a Dispel Curse is cast upon the tome.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a magic wand.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Wand of Weird Spells

  1. allan grohe says:

    Nice idea!—a wand of wonder’s curse applied to a spellbook 😀


    • bat says:

      I had to look that up. My concept is that spells are rendered harmless and/or do the opposite as intended and the Wand of Wonders seems a bit more random and chaotic, yet I can see that either way a spellcaster’s day can be ruined.

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