[New Magic Item] Thiefbane Sword

Thiefbane Sword

As Kvan the Slippery was advancing upon Bakra-do the latter used his newly acquired blade on his pursuer as they climbed the wall.

Recognizing the blade Kvan gave out a shrill cry just before the blade touched him and suddenly he fell back down from the wall and landed on the hard ground below.

With a salute the mercenary climbed the rope and went over the wall.

Kvan, knowing that he was now cursed for a time returned a less polite hand gesture to Bakra-do.

Not really a thief killer sword as much as a make one’s life really uncomfortable for a day or four. Many thiefs get revenge when one of these is used against them.

Benefit: This somewhat plain looking short sword has a broken dagger etched on its hilt in a small circle. In combat this blade deals 1d6+1 damage and if a thief is wounded by this sword then he or she must roll twice when using any thieving skills and take the worse of the two results, including a re-roll for the last skill used if still in use at the time of wounding and all healing, natural or magical, is halved for 1d4 days, after which time these abilities revert to normal.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a sword.

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