[New Magic Item] Into the Astral Mace

Into the Astral Mace

The ogre smashed Vhortal, High Priest of the Golden Ruins with its club, knocking the cleric back and wounding his shoulder. What was left of the orc warband gathered behind the massive humanoid laughed, sensing the end of the battle was near. Then the human got in a lucky hit and the ogre looked shocked and disappeared from view. The orcs stood stunned, a few even dropped their weapons.

‘Anyone else want to go where the ogre went?’ Vhortal offered as he twirled the green crystal mace with his good arm.

Wide-eyed the orcs turned and fled. Vhortal healed his arm and moments later the ogre returned, not only looking shocked, but with more wounds.

‘Need some more?’ the cleric asked the monster.

‘No more, no more,’ pleaded the ogre. ‘Grozi serve you now.’

‘I could use a bit of help carrying these things back to the temple,’ Vhortal said as he looked around at the scattered treasure.

Without quibbling the ogre scrambled to pick up every bit of treasure and stood attentively, ready to follow Vhortal.

This enchanted weapon can be used on one target or many in random order, some even look forward to being struck by this mace. Looks like it is made of greenish crystal.

Benefit: In combat this mace deals 1d6+1 points of damage. On natural roll to hit of 17+ not only does the mace deal damage, it also knocks the target into the astral plane for 1d4 rounds. Intelligent creatures knocked into the plane may make a Wisdom Attribute check to extend this to one day, after which time they return to the Material Plane at the point where they left. Things on the Astral Plane aware of this magic item sometimes track it on the Material Plane to rob victims of the mace.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a mace.

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