[New Magic Item] Lamp of Brilliant Illiteracy

Lamp of Brilliant Illiteracy

Thunder crashed in the distance, the man clutched at Vhortal’s clerical robes.

‘Please, before the storm arrives!’ he pleaded.

The priest sighed.

‘Very well,’ Vhortal said and he put his hands on the man’s shoulders and uttered a prayer to remove the curse that made the man susceptible to the elements.

The cleric finished the prayer as the man prepared a donation to the temple of the Golden Ruins just as the rain began. Immediately the man was soaked.

‘I thought that you removed the curse!’ shrieked the man.

‘The curse should be lifted….unless…’ Vhortal paused to contemplate.

‘Did you use one of those very bright lamps?’ the man asked.

Before the priest could answer an enormous bolt of lightning struck the villager, leaving only a pile of ashes and charred bones behind.

‘That lamp definitely must go,’ Vhortal told himself.

At first these enchanted lamps were everywhere, the ability to shine much brighter than a candle made them very appealing to scribes, scholars and spellcasters. Until they used these themselves.

Benefit: When lit one of these magical lamps emits a radiant, bright glow up to 30′. However, any attempt to read or write requires a Wisdom Attribute check otherwise the reader will become confused and the writer will be unable to write properly. Spells memorized in this light will not work and the Lawful/Good prayers of a cleric will be reversed when cast (if possible).

Usable by: Anyone.

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