[New Magic Item] Potion of My Whereabouts

Potion of My Whereabouts

Chalk drank the potion expecting to become light as a feather. This did not happen. He screwed up his face in disappointment.

‘Didn’t work?’ Koram asked.

‘No, must have been a dud, or a fake, when we get back to Shadiq I will talk to that magic dealer. For now we need another way up that wall. We really need a new thief,’ the wizard said.

Valance looked skeptical.

‘What is it?’ Chalk asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Did that potion just not work or does it do something else?’ Valance replied.

‘You are paranoid,’ Koram chuckled.

Valance shrugged.

Not far away the sorcerer Stork halted his small warband.

‘Turn the mounts around, we are going in the wrong direction,’ he said aloud.

‘How can you know?’ asked one of the braver orc mercenaries.

‘Because the potion that I paid for Chalk to drink has been drunk,’ replied Stork with a cruel smile.

Not the concoction that you want to drink, especially if you have a lot of enemies. This potion is often slipped into a drink by a third party or some other way to trick the imbiber is used.

Benefit: This potion, once it has been drunk, alerts all who know this person as friend or enemy of their exact location if those who know them are within 40 miles. This does not apply to acquaintences or the town guard that you once tipped your hat to as a way to acknowledge them, this potion only alerts those that have known the imbiber and had multiple dealings or discussions with them. The drinker of the potion is unaware of this effect unless Detect Magic is cast upon the potion.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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