[New Magic Item] Ring of the Rook

Ring of the Rook

Bakra-do told himself that he did not need to keep using this magical ring, for, as everyone knows, magical rings can be dangerous things. The mercenary buckled and used the ring again. A raven appeared before the mercenary who petted and fed the bird then sent it out scouting towards the wooded area just north of the small inn.

The mercenary had the feeling that he was being watched, yet he still had to concentrate so that he could see what the bird was seeing. Once the mercenary saw the small camp with his quarry he let the raven fly free. Looking around Bakra-do thought he saw the a humanoid with the head of a raven looking out of the windows at him, its beak open slightly in shock at what it had just seen.

‘I need to catch those criminals, the ring helped,’ the mercenary told the kenku.

‘We shall see what the Raven King says about this!’ replied the feathered humanoid as it retreated back into the room and slammed the shutters closed.

A ring of exceptionally shiny gold with a glimmering ruby set in it. Thieves and assassins covet these rings and will do just about anything to aquire one.

Benefit: When worn this enchanted ring allows the wearer to do one of the following once per day each:

  • Summon a swarm of ravens that can harrass and fend off an enemy of 4HD or less. These avians will attack mercilessly until the target leaves the area.
  • Summon one raven that the ring’s owner can use to see through the bird’s eyes as it moves around, on foot or on the wing. Must concentrate to retain contact with the bird.
  • Summon a giant raven that can carry one Medium sized creature or can attack (as a Giant Eagle).

Note that tengu/kenku/ravenfolk do not like the use of this magical ring and may inform the Raven King who, in turn, may make the owner of this ring’s life a little difficult if the ring is misused.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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