[New Encounter] All the Bees of Saint Korkle’s Hive

All the Bees of Saint Korkle’s Hive

‘Twelve-thousand, three-hundred and fifty-eight,’ Koram whispered to the priestess. She smiled and handed a small jar to the fighter.

‘Twelve-thousand, three-hundred and fifty-eight,’ Valance whispered to the same priestess. She looked puzzled, yet handed a small jar of enchanted honey to the priest of the Spider God.

‘Twelve-thousand, three-hundred and fifty-eight,’ Chalk whisperd to the priestess of the Nature goddess.

‘Okay, look. These bees can only make so much honey. Can you guys give it a rest?’ the priestess asked.

‘We are about to embark on a long and dangerous journey and this honey may save our lives. If we return we will donate generously to this temple,’ Chalk replied.

Reluctantly the priestess handed the wizard a small jar of honey from the hive of Saint Korkle.

The old stone temple just outside of Bottle has stood there for centuries and been a shrine to many deities, now it is dedicated to a goddess of Nature and in the small courtyard behind the temple is a masterfuly crafted beehive that is active in Spring and Summer every year. The druids, priests and priestesses tend the hive in the courtyard-garden and dutifully collect the honey and store it in jars. Many come from far and wide to donate to the temple and to guess how many bees are in the hive of Saint Korkle.

In the game: Those who guess the amount of bees in the hive (there are always 12,358, as one bee dies another emerges from a birthing cell are granted a small jar (about six drinks) of enchanted honey. Guessing the amount of bees might not be necessary as those who know the number outside of the temple may sell or even give the number away, but they dare not sell the precious honey, which will become bitter and useless if used in any monetary exchange. The honey, if not tainted by coin, has the following qualities and will never turn to sugar:

  • One drink will heal 1d4+2 hit points and stabilize the wounded.
  • Will Cure Disease or Slow Poison if imbibed.
  • Can reverse a Curse and bring the curse back to the caster.
  • Summon 2d6 giant bees that will obey their summoner for one day.

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