[New Magic Item] Wand of Reflections

Wand of Stolen Reflections

‘You look terrible!’ exclaimed the illusionist Xyklon with a nervous grin.

‘I would not know, would I?’ replied a bedraggled Bakra-do.

Xyklon chuckled as the mercenary pulled a blade from its scabbard.

‘We can discuss this, can’t we?’ the spellcaster asked.

‘I want my reflection back. I had to hack my way out of Scumble because the yokels thought I was a vampire. In Drolb they set fire to the building I was staying in.’

‘But you still found me,’ Xyklon said in despair.

‘I did.’ the sell-sword replied.

‘I was offered to bring your reflection to the guild of thieves in Racklesh, they offered me six-thousand gold pieces,’ said the spellcaster.

Bakra-do looked at his sword.

‘This blade was forged in Limbo, even I don’t know what it does to the spirits of those it slays,’ he said grimly as a hint of eerie azure fire seemed to dance along the razor sharp edge.

‘And you may have your reflection back,’ Xyklon said as he retrieved his wand.

Created by a great illusionist, this enchanted wand of willow can cause madness with just a couple of uses, one if its owner is really clever. Sometimes broken in the owner’s face by irritated victims of the wand.

Benefit: Normally found with 1d4 charges, will hold up to six. Powered by 1st and 2nd level spells, this magic wand will steal and store the reflection of one individual at a time, one for each charge. This means that the target bears no reflection and cannot see themselves or be seen in mirrors, water, polished metal or any object that will cast a reflection, which also means that a crowd of yokels may even mistake them for a vampire. Furthermore, the wands owner can ‘swap’ reflections stored in the wand, even their own if they so desire, and trade these among the stored reflections. Those who unwittingly have had their reflections stolen (and not their own returned) must make a sanity roll (25% chance) each month to risk going insane from this magic.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a wand (spellcasters).

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