[New Spell] Weapon Like Me

Weapon Like Me

The elf ranger nocked an arrow to his bow and let the arrow fly towards the stag. The arrow hit and the mighty deer staggered two steps and fell.

‘Dinner!’ the gnome illusionist squealed.

Fellhorn the druid said a small prayer for the stag’s spirit then helped the elf field dress the animal.

‘I’ll start a fire,’ the gnome offered.

‘It would be nice if you would do something,’ replied the elf.

‘Since we helped that sorceress save her tower that bow has been really useful,’ Fellhorn observed.

‘Yes, I just hope that the enchantment she put on it endures, we have been eating very well lately,’ replied the elf ranger.

Fellhorn pointed at the pudgy gnome as he gasped for air after gathering firewood.

‘Some of us are eating a little too well lately,’ Fellhorn said and elf and druid laughed.

Weapon Like Me (Magic-user)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One week per level of caster.

When cast upon any weapon the weapon is now intelligent and has the ability to mimic the essence of it’s owner at the time the spell is cast and communicate with them via telepathy. The weapon and owner can try to ‘put their heads together’ to solve problems (+2 to any roll when trying to figure out mental puzzles and riddles as well as +2 to Strike due to the synthesis of wielder and weapon) and this weapon may be wielded in the off hand, if a one-handed weapon, without penalty. There is a 12% chance at random the weapon will argue with its owner, symbolizing self doubt. Can be cast on any object meant to be a weapon, yet not an improvised weapon unless that object has come to be a weapon with use over time.

Optional: the owner of the enchanted weapon or the caster of the spell can make a Wisdom atttibute check as the spell is about to elapse, if they make the check the spell is permanent.

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