[New Magic Item] Poisoned Arrows of Repoisoning

Poisoned Arrow of Repoisoning

‘Water,’ the elf ranger whispered just before releasing his arrow.

The arrow flew without error and struck the ogre soundly just before the monster had a drink from its waterskin.

‘Did you hit it?’ inquired the gnome illusionist.

The ogre growled in pain yet still cocked it’s head as if listening.

‘Would you be quiet? That thing can hear you!’ hissed the elf.

The gnome shrank into himself as the elf watched with delight as the ogre, sword in one hand still wanted to take a drink from the waterskin in the other hand.

The thing drank heavily then cried out, dropping weapon and waterskin as an expression of surprise and pain crossed its face.

Three other ogres appeared.

‘Poisoned!’ the ogre said as he started to sink to the ground, pointing in the general direction of the elf and gnome.

‘Let’s go find Fellhorn!’ the gnome suggested as he turned and disappeared into the brush and the elf was not far behind.

These highly enchanted and potentially deadly arrows are very rare and almost never up for sale. To acquire one is often quite a feat in itself.

Benefit: To activate one of these magical arrows the arrowhead must first be dipped into a poison deadly to the average mortal. Then the arrow is nocked and aimed at the target. The archer then says utters a word to take the place of the poison. A successful strike means that the target takes 1d4+2 points of damage and the substance mentioned just before the arrow was sent flying is now very deadly to the target of the arrow. Treat any subsequent ingestion as a Type 1 Ingestion Poison with a +3 save modifier, all other rules apply. Effect lasts for 1d4+1 days after which time the afflicted may eat or drink normally without being poisoned.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a bow and arrow.

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