[New Magic Item] Minor Brazier of Tobble

Minor Brazier of Tobble

The heavy thud of footsteps could be heard approaching, Stork turned and pointed at the copper brazier. Vistis the Blue Mage struck it with the hilt of his dagger. Smoke billowed from the brazier, engulfing the two spellcasters then dissipated in the air as the rocky ground became slippery. Vistis created an illusion that hid the slime from the view of others, making the ground look normal.

A small unit of soldiers appeared. One stepped forward, just short of the slimy rocks.

‘Stork, Vistis, we are arresting you and bringing you back to the Duchy of Knorl to face charges of magical crimes,’ the captain announced.

Stork put up his hands.

‘You can try,’ he said with a smile that revealed his shark-like teeth.

‘Advance!’ ordered the captain as a half dozen soldiers bared their swords and shields and marched forward, falling to the ground, each and every one. Stork began chanting a spell as the men struggling to gain their feet.

‘Archers!’ the captain screamed.

‘We did not bring any, you said they were not necessary,’ replied a sargeant.

Lightning began to crackle in Stork’s hands.

‘Tactical retreat,’ the captain ordered as the soldiers crawled or ran back towards where they had come from.

‘Let’s go!’ Stork said as he grabbed the copper brazier.

Tobble the Tinker Mage, it was later discovered, created a number of magic items that, while they were a little weird, usually were useful in a pinch.

Benefit: When this brazier is lit it must be tapped by some object, a staff, pommel of a knife, a stick, a rock, anything held in a hand. At that moment a burst of green smoke emanates from the brazier and the fire turns emerald green for ten minutes. As the smoke dissipates those that were momentarily engulfed in the smoke will notice that the ground below them is covered in a thick, viscous slime and yet they have perfect footing. Any who approach withing 30′ of the brazier for the next turn must make a Dexterity check with a -2 penalty or immediately fall prone to the ground from slipping in the slime. Prone beings are -2 to Hit in combat and -2 to damage. It takes two rounds to get back on their feet and another Dexterity check to move. After ten minutes the slime evaporates and the ground surface returns to the condition it was in before the brazier was activated. Usable twice per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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