[New Spell] Pocketsealer!


”Dang it! My pockets were picked again!’ shouted an enraged Koram.

‘We are in a city of thieves, what do you expect?’ Valance inquired.

Chalk pointed a thumb at the priest of the Spider God and nodded in agreement.

‘Why are you two so calm then?’ the fighter asked.

‘We had Ornsk the cobbler-mage seal our pockets just before we came here. I told you about it,’ answered Chalk.

‘Where do you carry money to buy things then?’ Koram asked.

Wizard and cleric both pointed to their boots. The fighter smirked.

Pocketsealer! (Magic-user)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: 1d4 days plus one day per level of caster unless dispelled.

When cast upon an individual one pocket or many may be affected at once by this spell. The caster effectively seals off the affected pocket(s), making them inaccessible for the duration of the spell unless Dispel Magic is cast upon the pocket(s). No access is granted, even trying to cut the material from another angle will not allow access to the pocket. Sharp blades and rending claws will appear dull as butter knives when trying to invade a pocket sealed by this spell.

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