[New Magic Item] Korbin’s Sneaky Sconce

Korbin’s Sneaky Sconce

The small mirror in the halfling’s hand woke the demi-human instantly when it suddenly whispered, ‘BEWARE!’ to him, reflected the warning emanating from the small mouth of a wall sconce behind them in their journey into the strange underworld.

‘Someone is coming!’ the halfling hissed to his companions.

‘Who?’ asked another of the halfling group of adventurers.

The first demi-human focused on the mirror, staring into it.

‘Big folk, they do not look like too much trouble, still, we had better be off,’ he said and the others hastily gathered their gear and plunged deeper into the dungeon, one of their number staying behind in the shadows to collect the enchanted wall sconce to use again.

Some time later the humans found the recently abandoned camp of the halfing adventurers, and it was obvious by the potato peels, apple cores and other minor refuse left behind that these were well fed halflings.

‘Lucky dogs, they always stay a step ahead in this eerie place,’ the ranger said as she scanned the area for further signs of the little dungeoneers.

Korbin the dwarven blacksmith, prominent in at least a half dozen fables, created these wall sconces to help a friendly human king to protect his castle, and yet over the years many of those who invade castles and dungeons to plunder treasure have found these magic items to be a great boon to their endeavors.

Benefit: Each one of these enchanted torch sconces is tuned into a small hand mirror. When the sconce is attached to a wall the bearer of the small mirror can see through the stylized eye on the face of the sconce and speak through the tiny stylized mouth as if using either an instantaneous or timed Magic Mouth spell as the mouth may be used as an alarm too, with the Magic Mouth spell alerting the bearer of the mirror when it is activated.

Usable by: Anyone.

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