[New Spell] Curse of Revenantcy

Curse of Revenantcy

Stork stopped and did a double-take.

‘Didn’t I kill that wizard a couple of days ago in Jharduze?’ he asked Vistis the Blue Mage.

The illusionist turned to regard the strange figure creeping along the alley.

‘I believe so, he was the annoying one with the whiny voice,’ Vistis replied from behind his heavily lacquered mask.

Stork shrugged and grinned revealing his shark-like teeth.

‘I guess he wants to die again,’ the wizard said.

Seeing the look in Stork’s eye even caused the undead to pause and wonder if this was the best course of action, yet the revenant was still driven to creep forward, compelled to seek revenge.

Curse of Revenantcy (Magic-user)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and one day or until one side is defeated.

The target of this spell will find that the next sentient being that they kill will return to unlife as a 10HD revenant (Referee’s Tome page 98) that will relentlessly try to slay their slayer. The revenant will rise one day after being killed and, retaining their intelligence and spellcasting powers if a spellcaster in life, will begin to hunt their killer. At first this undead can pass as living, however nothing prevents decomposition, which can, in time, render the revenant nothing more than a skeleton with burning determination. If the revenant does not kill their murderer within one year and one day the undead crumbles to dust, freeing the pursued.

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