[New Magic Item] Amulet of Lairs

Amulet of Lairs

Slowly the gnome illusionist turned from his position of facing the kobold queen’s private room when he heard a snarl behind him.

‘Ah, the honor guard stayed behind,’ he said to himself as he began to think of a plan as the armed kobolds advanced.

The gnome whistled and a slavering hellhound appeared, red eyes glowing with an infernal fire. The retinue of kobolds scattered in a panic, giving the gnome just enough time to loot the kobold queen’s lair and disappear through a poorly concealed escape tunnel.

Two days later the illusionist rejoined his companions and revealed the loot left behind.

‘I want to use that charm of yours,’ said the elf ranger.

‘Maybe you should have found it then,’ quipped the gnome.

The elf sighed, Fellhorn the druid grumbled, the gnome handed the amulet to the elf.

While handy to have it is important to remember that sometimes getting in is easier than getting out.

Benefit: The bearer of this small, intricate amulet can activate this magical charm once per day. The next time the amulet’s owner kills a person or creature he is immediately whisked off to their lair, home, campsite, wherever that being called home. Only the individual bearing the amulet is transported to the living space.

Usable by: Anyone.

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