[New Spell] Negate the Aureate

Negate the Aureate

Bakra-do looked around the small town. The mercenary had been here before but now the area seemed to have hit hard times. The people were starting to look shabby, begging was rampant, but he noted that the buildings were all in great condition.

‘What has happened here?’ he asked one of the merchants gathered in the small open market.

‘A spell. A cruel illusionist from the nearby hills has cast a spell on us to break us. We still endure, yet half a year since the spell was cast and we are struggling more,’ replied the merchant.

‘And if I confront this spellcaster and make him break this spell?’ Bakra-do asked, sensing an opportunity to gain gear and supplies if not coin.

‘Your head might be next to be lopped off as we invite this bad magic to make us tougher than other communities in the badlands,’ the merchant replied stoically.

The mercenary shrugged and continued on his way, now more than ever certain that his nomadic lifestyle as less maddening than settling down.

Negate the Aureate (Illusionist)

Level 5

Range: Special, see below.

Duration: One year and one day or until dispelled.

Using a map as a focus the caster can cause a village, town, stronghold, castle, or small city, as large cities are immune from this magic, to have a marked decrease in monetary income, especially gold, by 20% the first three months, 40% the next three months and 60% for the rest of the spell’s duration. Merchants will notice this first then the spell will eventually affect all areas of that particular location. On the other side of the coin, as it were, buildings themselves require little upkeep and do not deteriorate. This spell can be used to ransom an area or to keep a town safe from storms and bad weather, at the cost of income. If cast twice upon the same area the spell is negated. Barter is not uncommon in affected locales when all else fails and the inhabitants decide they have no choice but to wait out the spell. And often hunt down rogue spellcasters. Can only affect communities on the same plane.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Negate the Aureate

  1. Wofano Wantanto says:

    Seems like this would be much in demand for isolationist spellcasters who aren’t much interested in trade and common currency versus privacy and lowered need for servants and workmen to keep their strongholds in good shape. Monasteries and hermitages would see nothing but benefits from it, and undying types like liches and vampires would be able to keep their strongholds in perfect shape forever while also discouraging casual visits form merchants.

    • bat says:

      Thank you for the comment! I appreciate your thoughts on this spell as these posts are a stream of consciousness project and I like to see what others see in them!

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