[New Magic Item] Halfling Warden Herb Pouch

Halfling Warden Herb Pouch

Noddy Applewood, adventurous halfling warden, looked from the hilltop towards the jagged, snow-capped mountains in the far distance.

‘Do you think we will make it there in a week?’ the dwarf , Sterden Oxbone, asked as he stopped next to Noddy.

‘We need to meet Xoj and Nudj in Brightbeam, maybe we can catch a cart or wagon headed towards the mountains,’ answered the halfling.

‘Will there be enough to eat, two of the Big Folk and us? We had better make sure we have enough food,’ grumbled Sterden.

Noddy patted the small leather pouch at his belt confidently.

‘I believe we will be just fine, although I will need a few real meals, so yes, we had better stock up when we get the humans,’ said.

The dwarf eyed the pouch suspiciously. He knew no meal big enough for a halfling would fit inside such a small container.

Small pouches of thick leather enchanted by one of those kindly old wandering wizard types. Almost always have a motif of leaves and berries carved on the outside.

Benefit: These pouches double the potency of any herbs placed inside them that heal or negate poison. If herbs from within are adminstered to a poison victim before they make a Save versus Poison that save has a +3 modifier. Once per week up to seven freshly picked, non-poisonous berries placed inside the pouch become Merryberries that either heal 1d3 hit points or provide one nourishing meal each (something NO self respecting halfling would ever actually admit). Each berry is good for three days after enchantment and then the magic fades.

Usable by: Anyone.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Halfling Warden Herb Pouch

  1. aspire2hope says:

    Nice idea and I am now hoping for a chance to show it off for an NPC.

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