[New Spell] Gossamer Threads of the Spider’s Web

Gossamer Threads of the Spider’s Web

Awestruck, the ogre warband looked skyward as brilliant blue strands of spider’s web fell from the sky and landed on them and their goblin underlings.

‘What’s this?’ one of the dumbstruck humanoids asked.

The chief ogre, a tinge smarter than the others grimaced in terror.

‘It’s magic!’ the lead ogre answered as he turned to flee.

Too late, Stork and a small band of bandits overtook the ogre’s in their lair, encouraged by the spell of Vistis which would slow the reaction time of the ogres to nil.

Gossamer Threads of the Spider’s Web (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 30′ radius +5’/level.

Duration: 1d4 rounds.

This spell fills the air with electric blue strings of illusory spider’s webbing that slowly drift down from the sky. Any creature touched by the webbing, living, undead or construct, must Save vs. Paralyzation with a -2 modifier or lose initiative for 1d4 rounds against all oppopnents, this includes friends as well as foes therefore it can be tricky to cast effectively and safely. Casting this spell allows the casting illusionist one extra action that turn, including attacking.

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