[New Magic Item] Ring of Meals

Ring of Meals

‘Why did we bring this one along?’ the elf ranger asked the gnome illusionist.

‘He is useful in a pinch,’ replied the gnome.

‘He is pretty small for a meat shield,’ retorted the elf.

The gnome scowled back at the elf.

‘We need to find Fellhorn, three days in these woods is taxing my nerves.’

A week went by, then another and the supplies were getting scant, even foraging was providing slim returns.

‘Do you have an idea where we can find food?’ the gnome asked the halfling.

Nodding the halfling held out his hand which bore a strange ring. To elf and gnome the ring seemed to guide the halfling along.

‘Not far, follow me,’ urged the halfling scout.

Minutes later the trio found a tavern in a clearing that they might never have found otherwise. Entering they spotted Fellhorn the druid, having a meal with two others of his circle.

‘I was just about to find you two. And who is this?’ asked a flustered Fellhorn as he regarded the halfling he surmised somehow lead the others to him.

More than likely of halfling origin. Or a halfling pestered a wizard so much that they gave in eventually and just made a few of these to placate the demi-human.

Benefit: Among the simplest of magic rings, the Ring of Meals will guide the wearer’s hand towards any edible food that is enough to constitute a meal. This leads to all kinds of locations, camps of other adventurers, taverns or inns, villages, etc. and if the ring wavers and does not find enough food in the nearby vicinity once per day this magic item can be used to conjure up to three hearty meals.

Usable by: Anyone.

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