[New Magic Item] Gauntlets of Seeing Through

Gauntlets of Seeing Through

The elf ranger rubbed the gloves on the floor as if clearing newly fallen snow and he then peered down at the ground.

‘A few goblins clattering about, nothing we can’t handle,’ he replied to the others.

‘I hope that this vision of yours is more accurate than the last one,’ sneered the gnome illusionist.

‘Like your magic is always reliable,’ retorted the elf.

‘You almost got the druid killed and he is still limping!’ exclaimed the gnome.

‘I will be fine, don’t quarrel over me,’ said Fellhorn as he limped over to peer through the area cleared by the elf’s magical gloves.

A large pair of rust red colored gauntlets made of thick leather. If not enchanted one would be very clumsy wearing them. Luckily these are enchanted gloves.

Benefit: In addition to the +1 to Dexterity these magical gloves allow a wearer to ‘see’ through any solid material up to 10′ thick simply by rubbing the gloves across the surface of a wall, floor or ceiling as if removing film, dust or snow. This effect lasts for only two rounds and is really a ‘brief window’ into whatever is happening on the other side of the solid surface. The game referes should roll 1d4 privately, a result of ‘1’ means that the information is false and whatever is seen is merely an illusion.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Gauntlets of Seeing Through

  1. wilmanric says:

    Great stuff. Thank you

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