[New Spell] Sparrowsong


There was a gently tapping at the shutter. It continued for a short time.

Koram sighed heavily and finally got up and opened the window.

‘Is it a raven?’ Valance asked as he read a book.

‘No, it is….a sparrow,’ the fighter answered.

The small bird hopped onto the windowsill, looked about the room, spied Chalk and flew towards him. The bird then hopped upon the wizard’s shoulder and chirped into his ear. He then whispered to the bird which flew out the window immediately.

‘We have got to go, now,’ Chalk said as he grabbed his magical accoutrements.

‘What is happening?’ asked Koram as he reached for his armor.

‘Knat, she is being held in the Crooked Tower near the Dread Forest,’ Chalk replied.

‘I’ll have some spiders ready,’ Valance said as the trio hurried to go save their friend.

Sparrowsong (Druid)

Level 1

Range: One mile per level of caster.

Duration: Until message is delivered and replied to.

This druid magic summons a small common sparrow for the area. If there are no sparrows a similar small bird is summoned. This bird then receives a message from the caster to rely on behalf of themselves or another person to a subject within the range of the spell. The messages is ‘encrypted’ in that only the caster and recipient can understand the message the bird is conveying. Once sent the message is delivered and the recipient can reply if they can speak and the caster will receive a reply as soon as the sparrow returns.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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