[New Magic Item[ Buzzing Dagger

Buzzing Dagger

A loud droning sound suddenly filled the air out of nowhere.

‘Bees!’ screamed the gnome and ran off into the shrubs.

‘Wait, no…’ began the elf ranger who threw his arms up in the air.

‘He’s gone,’ fellhorn the druid said. ‘Until he comes back.’

‘We shouldn’t split the group out here, even losing that runt is crucial,’ sighed the elf.

‘I don’t see any bees,’ Fellhorn noted.

Before the elf could reply he was suddenly hit by a dagger that seemed to have come from around a tree, if that were possible.

The ranger groaned in pain and pulled out the dagger, throwing it to the ground. The the amazement of druid and ranger the dagger flew off into the trees.

‘The gnome was right, let’s go!’ Fellhorn urged as he handed the elf an enchanted berry for the wound.

The elf shrugged despite the pain and followed the druid.

Thought to be no more than a minor gift to devotees of Locustus, deity of insects, these strange daggers with a stylized bee on the pommel are highly prized by some with more dubious careers.

Benefit: When drawn this dagger suddenly emits a loud buzzing sound, as if the air is filled with thousands and thousands of bees. Living creatures must make a Save versus Paralysis or immediately flee the area for 1d4 hours. The bearer of the dagger may throw this weapon at a specific target up to 30′ away, even if that target is obscured by others; in this case the one throwing the weapon must make a Wisdom attribute check to hit the intended subject. This weapon deals 1d4+2 points of damage. If thrown a successful Dexterity attribute check by the dagger’s owner will return it to their hand.

Usable by: Anyone.

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