[New Magic Item] Brazier of Blue Smoke

Brazier of Blue Smoke

The hobgoblin warband stood in awe for a few moments, gazing at the blue smoke that swirled around their weapons and banded armor.

‘Will this give us great power in battle?’ one of the hobgoblins asked the chief.

The leader of the warband looked around and spied a trio of humans at the edge of the clearing. One raised his arms and dark clouds appeared over the warband. There was a buzz in the air and the faint scent of ozone.

‘I don’t think so. I believe that was a trap,’ the hobgoblin leader replied the moment the thunder nd lightning began, striking random hobgoblins and scattering them as they ran for cover, some falling dead after being struck.

An odd bit of magic created for an arch druidess by a grateful enchanter. Potentially devastating under the right circumstances.

Benefit: When filled with fuel such as wood chips or pine cones and lit this brazier emits a pleasant blue smoke that seems to cling to metal weapons and armor in a strange manner. The smoke will stick to the armor and weapons for up to one hour afterwards, and any lightning in the atmosphere or magically conjured will deal double damage to those engulfed in the blue smoke from the brazier, in fact, the lighting has a 75% chance to ‘chain’ after each strike, hitting another target and so on until the ‘chain’ fails and the effect stops for that particular bolt of lightning. Under a storm cloud there is an 80% chance of lightning generating spontaneously and striking, and also having a chain lightning effect on any that where exposed to the smoke of this brazier.

Usable by: Anyone.

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