[New Magic Item] Wand: Ask the Bee What the Druid Knows

Wand: Ask the Bee What the Druid Knows

Knat the druidess rushed into the common room of the small cottage that Chalk and the others shared, slamming the door behind her.

‘Ever heard of knocking?’ Koram asked.

‘There is a bee chasing me!’ the druidess exclaimed.

‘This sounds devastating, do you think that between us we can take it down?’ Chalk asked sarcastically.

Knat rolled her eyes.

‘This bee has been enchanted to steal from me,’ she told the others.

‘What can it carry? Not even a coin. Unless….how big is this bee?’ Valance asked.

Knat held her thumb and forefinger apart to the size of a honeybee.

‘Not even a bumblebee? No need to call the town guard then,’ quipped Koram.

Knat suddenly stood as stiff as a board, eyes wide open. A few moments later she slumped foreward, as if in defeat.

‘It is done,’ she said gravely.

The other three looked at each other, puzzled.

This ancient oak wand has a bee trapped in amber on one end, making it an eye-catching magical item,. Loved by magic-users and illusionists, this magic item is hated by druids. A lot.

Benefit: The wielder of this enchanted wand must have a live bee nearby to activate this wand. The spellcaster (or adept thief) then taps the bee gently and the small insect then flies to the nearest druid. The druid may Save versus Spells with a -2 modifier, failure means that the druid must surrender two spells of up to 3rd level or answer three questions truthfully about area knowledge. Either/or, not a combination of both. Success means that the druid loses one spell to the wielder of the wand and must only answer one question.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a wand

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