[New Magic Item] Starlight Blade

Starlight Blade

The mercenary Bakra-do heard an eerie hiss as he strode into the ancient tomb. Without hesitation he drew the ancient blade he had unearthed recently in a ruined elven outpost. The room filled with a comforting soft glow and revealed a skulking human in spellcaster’s robes crouching in a corner near a wooden chest.

‘I see you there, Knertel,’ Bakra-do said.

‘It isn’t Knertel,’ replied the illusionist, unaware that he had been revealed and trying to sound sinister.

‘It is you and you are wearing your tatty old robes as usual, you need newer attire,’ observed the mercenary.

The illusionist grumbled in despair.

‘We half the loot then?’ Knertel asked.

‘At the very least I will take half,’ replied Bakra-do.

Ancient elven relics thought lost in battle ages ago, very few of these rare blades surface from time to time. The foil of many a spellcaster’s spells and schemes.

Benefit: Once per day the wielder of this enchanted short sword can illuminate an area 20′ in diameter around the blade of captured starlight. This magical illumination reveals all invisible creatures, illusions and banishes magical and mundane darkness. Effect lasts for one turn (ten minutes) and moves as the blade moves once activated. In combat this short sword deals 1d6+2 points of damage and is +1 to hit.

Usable by: Anyone.

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