[New Spell] Bestow Nightvision

Bestow Nightvision

‘Three figures are approaching from the west. I mean east. East!’ reported Koram to the others.

‘Are they all human?’ Valance asked the fighter.

‘Yes, they are. No! There is an elf with them,’ the fighter replied.

‘Are they heavily armed?’ inquired Chalk.

‘No. Well, maybe. One looks like a wizard,’ came the reply.

‘The elf is the wizard?’ asked Chalk.

‘Yes, definitely,’ Koram said.

‘Are you sure?’ Chalk pressed.

‘Pretty much,’ replied Koram.

‘Why didn’t we have the scroll cast on one of us?’ Valance asked Chalk.

The wizard shrugged.

‘We did have the scroll cast on…oh, I see,’ Koram said.

‘I know, I just wish it was a little better,’ said Valance with a sigh.

Bestow Nightvision (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: 25’+5’/level.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

By casting this spell the magic-user is granting the ability to see in the dark to any or all creatures within range. For the duration of the spell those affected can see in the dark up to 60′, noticing movement and shapes, but not able to see minute objects or read average sized writing. Creatures affected by this spell that already have nightvision maybe double the range to 120′ and the duration to two hours per level of the caster, other limitations still apply.

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