[New Magic Item] Quig’s Contraband Container

Quig’s Contraband Container

Valance and the other’s sat at their table at the Four Winds Bar looking furtively around. The place was allegedly a crossroads of several different planes and dimensions and the clientele did lend credence to that rumor; there was a large assortment of patrons, human and otherwise, at the bar and at various tables.

‘That half-orc over there sure is sweating, he must be up to something,’ Koram observed, nodded at an individual a few tables away. The others nonchalantly peered over.

‘Oh yeah, he is guilty of something,’ agreed Valance.

Suddenly a band of heavily armed constables entered the in and everyone grew quiet. The half-orc looked as if he was about to break and run, yet somehow kept his cool.

‘We are looking for contraband, something forbidden on our world,’ the chief constable announced loudly.

The half-orc chewed his lip as the heavy boots of the chief constable thudded on the wooden planks of the floor. Suddenly he stopped by Chalk.

‘Search this man,’ he told the others.

Before Chalk could protest he was grabbed and searched.

‘Goat cheese. I see. Bringing goat cheese with you!’ snarled the lead constable.

“Is that illegal?’ the puzzled spellcaster asked.

‘I’ll find out, you can be sure about that!’ snapped the lead constable.

As the interrogation wound down Valance pointed out to the others that the half-orc had passed a small box to someone else in exchange for a small pouch and had fled immediately afterward.

A rather plain looking wooden box that is easily overlooked. Very easily overlooked.

Benefit: This small wooden box is 12” wide, 6” high and 6” deep and does not radiate magic to characters or beings under 4HD. Used to smuggle small objects this small chest is so nondescript that guards, constables and similar individuals (under 4HD, of course) do not even notice its presence. This container opens at the whim of its current owner as if they knew Lock/Unlock if they did not already. This ability can be cast countless times upon this enchanted item by the owner, even if they are not a spellcaster. The distraction magic is so strong that if the individual bearing the chest is being searched there is a 65% chance that someone else nearby (within 35′) will suddenly seem suspicious and catch the inspector’s attention instead. Those caught with one of these by authorities often have their lives shortened depending on what was being smuggled.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Quig’s Contraband Container

  1. Dick says:

    Boy, that’s going to make friends if people ever figure out what’s going on.

    For my less portable take on the “don’t notice me” container, see here:


    • bat says:

      That is pretty awesome and a little scary in a GMTA way. I do like the addition of the owner needing to write themselves notes not to forget the item themselves, that is superb.

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