[New Magic Item] Ring of Ruinous Coins

Ring of Ruinous Coins

Bakra-do felt that odd feeling again of his pocket getting heavier as he was leaving town. The mercenary emptied his pocket onto a large stone slab. There were those coins again. They were gold, yet looked strange. He was suddenly distracted as screams could be heard in the distance. A plume of dark smoke rose in violent opposition to the clear blue sky. He thought he caught a glimpse of something human sized with bat-like wings swooping into the shadows of a rooftop. He separated the strange coins and looked for something to dig with so that he could bury them.

‘This is meant to be, you cannot stop it by burying a few coins,’ a dry voice said as the mercenary knelt and began digging with a flat rock.

‘It can end, I see what is happening and it has gone too far,’ replied the mercenary.

The wizard laughed and a small imp flew screeching from his robes at the mercenary. Bakra-do deftly drew two short swords that hummed with magic and the wizard’s familiar tried to stop its momentum mid air but the human was quicker and cut the imp down. The wizard cried out in pain.

Bakra-do advanced upon the evil mage without fear.

‘Now we discuss how you did this. What magic did you use?’ he said as he held a blade at the wizard’s throat.

Knowing that the mercenary could stab him before he uttered a complete spell he instead removed a ring and tossed it on the ground.

‘That magic,’ he confessed as Bakra-do retrieved the ring, cautious of the spellcaster.

‘We shall see. For now, get out of my sight while I go back and clean this up,’ growled the mercenary as the mage fell to one knee, still gasping from the loss of his imp.

Found in an ancient barrow by an overly curious halfling thief, this ring, as many magic rings found by halflings, often proves to be more trouble than its worth.

Benefit: Once per day this ring can be used to summon 1d12 gold coins into the pouch/coin purse/pocket/etc of everyone within 60′, including the bearer of the ring if they want these coins. The catch is that every one of these conjured coins is from an ancient and damned civilization and these coins, when circulated, begin to draw the attention of infernal and undead creatures which will begin trying to infiltrate and take over any cities or towns where these coins are in circulation. This usually begins with Chaotic spellcasters appearing more and more and becoming more bold and obvious.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Ring of Ruinous Coins

  1. Dick says:

    Love it. That’s just fiendish, and it could trigger a riot in the right circumstances. A crowd of beggars or three-copper toughs who suddenly found 1d12 gold in their pockets would probably go nuts with their new-found fortunes.

    We had a really neat conversation about magic coins in the comments over here if you want some other takes on the theme:


  2. bat says:

    Thank you for the comment and the link! I appreciate your input. Another GMTA moment. I was inspired by the book Shadows Linger by Glen Cook, the second book of the Black Company series in which a poor man suddenly becomes wealthy, with very disastrous results.

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