[New Spell] Everyone on the roof!

Everyone on the roof!

‘This does not look promising,’ Vistis the Blue Mage said as he peered out the window to the courtyard down below.

‘What do you see?’ Stork asked casually as he read over a few pieces of parchment as he sat at the small dining table.

‘It appears to be a small covey of wizards all wearing the colors of the duke and they seem to be discussing something heatedly,’ responded the illusionist.

‘That doesn’st sound good at all,’ Stork said as he paused from his perusal.

‘Now a group of soldiers with crossbows have arrived and one of the wizards look like they are casting a spell in this direction,’ Vistis said, his voice suddenly a bit shrill from under his heavily lacquered mask.

Stork leaped up from his chair, as if to say something profound, and he was suddenly frozen in place, mouth opened, his body rigid and seemingly ethereal as it floated up to the ceiling and through the ceiling as Vistis looked on in horror. Vistis too had felt a something cold creeping along his flesh as the spell tried to overwhelm him too, yet he was lucky enough to shrug it off.

‘There’s one of them on the roof there, the thin one!’ came a shout from belowas several crossbows released their bolts. Vistis heard a screech from the roof and he started to panic. Stork was tough. And ruthless. He would figure something out, the illusionist told himself as he packed essentials and began a spell of his own.

Everyone on the roof! (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Special, see below.

Duration: Three rounds per level of caster or until dispelled.

By means of this spell a magic-user may cause everyone (except the caster if they are in the building too nd wish to remain inside) in a building three floors or less to immediately appear on the roof of that particular building. Creatures with 3HD or more may make a Save versus Spells with a -1 modifier to resist or they too will find themselves inconvenienced on the roof for a brief time.

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