[New Magic Item] Fyzix’s Fleshbound Pendant

Fyzix’s Fleshbound Pendant

Eznar the Elusive slipped quietly into the ancient temple. Missing stones in the roof here and there provided just enough light for the thief to see. Then he heard a noise off in the darkness. He was not alone. Suddenly a brazier burst into flame against a far wall, causing shadows to dance everywhere. The thief spun on his heels and there she was, staring intently into his eyes while biting her lip, the medusa. She was an inhabitant of the ancient temple after all.

Their eyes locked for a moment and….nothing.

She scowled. He smiled weakly.

The medusa shrugged and smiled back. A trio of snakes that made up her hair lunged forward and sank their fangs into the thief’s flesh.

‘If only you had stayed out of their range,’ she hissed as Eznar the Elusive staggered a few steps and fell to the cold stone floor at the base of the statue that had been the previous interloper.

‘At least I can eat this one,’ she said to herself and dragged the thief’s body off into the darkness.

The enchanter Fyzix almost got it right with this magic item. Almost. A small silvery amulet that almost seems malleable in the hand with a deep red garnet set in it.

Benefit: The wearer of this magical pendant is almost completely immune to being turned to stone, giving the owner a +3 modifier to Save versus Petrification via gaze attacks or spells such as Flesh to Stone. There is, however, a -1 modifier to all Saves versus Poison, including ‘save or die’ rolls. Even if the person does fail their roll versus being turned to stone they will become flesh again if nothing is done to reverse this in one year and one day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Fyzix’s Fleshbound Pendant

  1. Dick says:

    Neat. Nice to see someone else considering the need for lighting for visual petrification tricks to work properly. I’ve played around with that theme in homebrew adventures in the past – basilisks don’t like magical darkness* very much at all, and the rare vampire medusa can really ruin an adventurer’s day.

    *Or medium-large tents, if Lawrence Watt-Evans has taught me anything.

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