[New Magic Spell] Greater Threat

Greatest Threat

The creature howled again out in the darkness. The sound was terrifying and chilled the blood of all who heard it.

Norvus the illusionist gently patted one of the torchbearers on the arm as if to comfort him before the confrontation.

The torchbearer jumped and looked over his shoulder at the spellcaster.

‘Did you just do that thing to me that you did to poor Lod before that bugbear attacked him?’ the torchbearer asked with fear and anger in his voice.

The illusionist smiled as if to assure the torchbearer that he had not and waved a dismissive hand at the accusation.

When the ogre burst through the wall moments later the raging humanoid ignored everyone except the torchbearer who’s dagger appeared to the ogre as a great blade of ancient times and a threat to the monster.

‘Oh damn, he did cast that spell on me,’ muttered the torchbearer as he turned and started to run while the others pounced on the ogre and subdued the monster with ease.

Greatest Threat (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Touch or Self, if you want to.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) caster.

This illusionist’s enchantment makes one member of a group look more powerful and much more intimidating than the others. In some cases this may cause easily frightened opponents to flee (those under 2HD) or it may cause that individual to be seen as a challenge that needs taken down before the others (opposition with more than 2HD). There is no save for this spell although opponents in this case must have at least Low intelligence to attack; creatures of Animal intelligence or below will not be affeccted by this magic.

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