[New Spell] Shadow-wall


As Bakra-do ran from the bandits to escape their cave system he had not noticed the wily illusionist that they had with them, nor had he seen that a spell was cast. Then the mercenary ran into what seemed like an invisible wall, everything was dark and murky, he moved slowly and even though he instinctively drew a short sword he moved slowly, as if in a dream while he saw a bandit leaping beside him. This villain moved normally in comparison and thrust a dagger at Bakra-do, striking him before he could raise his sword arm. Another bandit joined in and the mercenary realized he had to concentrate on either moving forward or backward and escaping this foul magic that just seemed to affect him. He chose to dive ahead and tucked into a roll. This at least threw the bandits off as they expected him to fight.

The mercenary pulled in fresh air on his second roll just as another dagger hit him. Cool air again! And free movement! He drew his other short sword as the bandits hung back, looking blurred and shadowy. Bakra-do realized that they were within some magical wall that helped them and hindered him for some reason.

‘Your spell will only last so long, and I will be waiting,’ the mercenary said.

The bandits looked at each other and retreated back into the dark arcane wall until they could not be seen.

The mercenary turned and bolted for the exit so that he could dress his wounds and heal up before going back into the ruined shrine to seek his revenge.

Shadow-wall (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

Shadow magic that creates a 10′ thick wall that blends naturally into darkness and can only be revealed by Detect Magic or similar spells or devices. This wall is often used in a doorway, cavern opening or similar breach instead of standing alone. Those walking into the wall that are Chaotic in nature can pass through and feel a cool breeze while those Neutral or Lawful lose initiative in combat (-2) and feel as though they are walking through a wall of thick mud; while they can breathe fine their movement is greatly reduced as they fight through the wall, during this time shadow monsters and other creatures from the Plane of Shadow howl and scream at the non-Chaotic and release them on the other side with a -1 to all roles for 1d4 rounds due to the harrowing experience. In darkness above ground and most anywhere in the underground this spell will surprise adventurers 90% of the time while in daylight it is very obvious and easily avoided.

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