[New Magic Item] Toad Candles

Toad Candles

‘That was ridiculous, never again,’ exclaimed Valance as he stretched his limbs and rotated his neck. His neck! It was back after that hideous transformation!

‘Didn’t like being a toad?’ Chalk asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Not for an instant.’ came the reply.

‘Where is our brave fighter? He should have been here by now,’ Chalk inquired as he looked around.

‘I have no idea. I did feel a tug at one point as a toad, as if someone was calling to me,’ answered the cleric.

The wizard suddenly looked horrified.

‘Oh no, he answered the call. He is a familiar to some spellcaster, we have got to find him!’ Chalk said in a panic.

‘Call? What? Did I miss something here? You never said….’ Valance began.

‘I’ll explain later, the main thing is that we got out of that tower. We need to find Koram, fast,’ urged Chalk.

These strange, greenish-brown candles only seem to glow dimly when lit. Probably because they are not meant to illuminate.

Benefit: All caught in the radius of these magically candles when lit (20′ in diameter) must either make a Save versus Polymorph or willingly allow the transformation into a large toad to occur. Those in toad form are about the size of a small dog or housecat and retain mental faculties yet are physically reduced to being 1HD+4 monsters for the duration of this transformation (1d4 claw or bite attack, 50% chance of being poisonous), which generally lasts 1d4 hours or until dispelled. Those willingly transformed when the candle is lit may make a save at least one hour later and receive a +2 modifier to their Saving Throw. There is a 12% chance at the time per those altered into toad form that a spellcaster is casting Find Familiar which will make the transformation permanent and the ‘toad’ is now a familiar unless Remove Curse, Wish or similar magic is used.

Usable by: Anyone.

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