[New Monster] Galderniv


‘Tork is getting angry!’ bellowed the huge ape-like beast as it tried to grab hold of the elusive mercenary Bakra-do.

The human scurried among the boulders that littered the crown of the small hill, just evading the jagged and filthy claws of the monster that had been hunting him ever since he stole an enchanted ring from a sorcerer in Magvoq.

‘I’m not overly happy with the situation myself!’ retorted the mercenary as he drew his short swords and figured that there was no other way of dealing with the beast than confrontation as he could not seem to wear it out.

Galderniv: AC 5 [+14], HD 10 (45hp), Att 1× bite or claw/pummel (1d8+2) and see below, THAC0 9 [+10], MV 180’ (60’), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (3), ML 8, AL Chaotic, XP 1250, NA 1 (1d4), TT C,U,V ▶ Constriction: Upon a succesful pummel attack a galderniv may attempt to squeeze a creature human-sized or smaller, this deals 2d4 immediate damage and each following round. Tireless: For all of their bulk these creatures can operate on very little rest and can pursue their prey relentlessly.

The size of an ogre, the head and upper body of a great ape with goat-like legs, the galderniv is an intimidating sight to behold. The beast’s rudimentary intelligence makes for an excellent guardian of places as they are able to follow orders. Otherwise these creatures, with their reddish-brown fur may be encountered in deep woods most anywhere, from alpine to sub-tropical climates. A fear of magic often keeps these creatures in the service of evil spellcasters.

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